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PLDC 2013 Proceedings (englisch)

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Convention Proceedings - PLDC 4th Global Lighting Design Conference
30. October - 2. November, 2013 in Copenhagen/DK

Keynote Speaker: Sahel Al Hiyari/JOR
Colin Ball/UK and Lora Kaleva/UK - Saturated colour: Why the blues?
Katja Schiebler/D and Arne Hülsmann/D - Interactive daylight and artificial lighting design.
Inger Erhardtsen/DK and Prof. Werner Osterhaus/DK - Retrofit LED office lighting solutions for Horsens Town Hall in Denmark. A basic lighting retrofit – is it worth the effort?
Koert Vermeulen/B - The lighting design profession – a sustainable future?
Abhay Wadhwa/USA - The impact of culture and climate on lighting design solutions.
Franziska Bönecke/DK - The art of walking on water – The lighting design for Ishøj Station, Denmark.
Paul Traynor/UK - Conservation and conservationism.
Julia Erlhöfer/CO - Pushing the boundaries.
Dr. Craig A. Bernecker/USA - LAAPP: A practical commissioning tool for evaluating lighting system performance.
Roger Narboni/F - Nocturnal cities and natural sites.
Ranko Skansi/HR - Greetings to the Sun revealed.
Nona Schulte-Römer/D - How lighting designers see: creating and crossing professional boundaries.

Keynote Speaker: Mischa Kuball/D
Daria Casciani/I - Are citizens interested in their lit cities? A series of urban lighting impressions.
Vladan Paunovic/DK - Learning from Scandinavia.
Tülin Kori/UK - Environmental assessment schemes vs. lighting designers – focusing on BREEAM and LEED.
Emrah Baki Ulas/AUS - Nineteen short stories on how little we know about light.
Henrika Pihlajaniemi/FIN - Stories and echoes – communicating through adaptive urban lighting.
Marjut Kauppinen/FIN and Leena Eväsoja/FIN - Widen your mind! Connections between lighting design, street keeping and land use planning – the traditions of planning and the challenges of today.
Karl M. Reger/D - Sustainability certification labels and lighting design.
Malcolm Innes/UK - A future direction for lighting education?
Eduardo Gonçalves/PT - Adaptive lighting as a holistic approach to urban lighting design.
Anne Bureau/F - Citadel of the vertigo: can we still light monuments in natural landscape?
Prof. Dr. John Mardaljevic/UK - Variable transmission glazing: Is the search for the “Holy Grail” (nearly) over?
Dr. Amardeep M. Dugar/IND and Dr. Andrea Wilkerson/USA - Lighting industry-university collaboration: the key to translating creativity into innovation.

Keynote Speaker: Martin Lidegaard/DK
Malcolm Innes/UK - Is there a right white for gallery lighting?
Conor Sampson/USA - Evolving educational environments: lighting for pedagogical shifts and media innovation.
Dennis Köhler/D - Light pollution as an aspect of urban master planning – analysis, quantification and suggestions for master planning.
Paul Nulty/UK and Peter Earle/UK - Redefining the working relationship between the LED manufacturer and the lighting designer.
Matthew Cobham/NL - A people-centric approach to using biological, non-image forming light in indoor environments.
Brad Koerner/NL - Illuminating the Rijksmuseum.
Marinella Patetta/I - Luxury brands: lighting designers and architects towards sustainability.
Johan Moritz/S - Festival of light – a means to an end.
Markus Reisinger/CH - Light distributions to comfort the eye.
Francesco Iannone/I - Lighting for the Titian exhibition in Rome: the impact of neuroaesthetics on the design process.
Enrique Peiniger/USA - Enhancing lighting design quality using sustainable technologies.
Brendan Keely/UK - Lights in Alingsås: a 13-year history.

Keynote Speaker: Alessandro Gobbetti/I
Karl Ryberg/S - Ergonomic light to alleviate dyslexia.
Michael Bamberger/D - The art gallery in Lenbachhaus Munich/D.
Gerrit-Willem Prins/NL - Sustainable lighting benefits from doubling of “Lux-on-Target” for a given level of LED power consumption.
Kevan Shaw/UK - Post occupancy: why and how to evaluate the user’s experience.
Pil Lauridsen/DK, Sophie Stoffer/DK and Prof. Werner Osterhaus/DK - Daylighting in classrooms and building performance evaluation.
Raoul Hesse/D - The Berggruen Museum – the seamless transition from halogen to LED illumination.
Martin Klaasen/AUS - How the LED Cowboys and LED Tzars have complicated the profession of lighting design.
Susanna Antico/I - Lighting design and management – how healthy and successful is your practice?
Judy Theodorson/USA - Learning from post-occupancy in daylit school classrooms.
Dr. Thomas Müller/D - Dynamic media facades for event halls and stadiums.
Virginie Nicolas/F - Sustainable and beautiful light: for a better integration of day and night lighting solutions.
Prof. Dr. John Mardaljevic/UK - The progression/evolution of National/EU standards for Daylight.

Keynote Speaker: James Carpenter/USA
Christopher Cuttle/NZ - Introduction to a novel perception-based approach to lighting design.
Rick Morrison/AUS - Lighting design to support the circadian rhythm in a public hospital.
Star Davis/USA - Subterranean sunlight – lessons learned “Imagining the Lowline”.
Christina Augustesen/DK - How do we use coloured light in architectural lighting?
Dr. Lone Stidsen/DK - A Danish socio-cultural approach to lighting design – inspiration for the lighting of hospital wards.
Mark Ridler/UK - We can do anything – what shall we do?
Dr. Alexander Rieck/D - How sustainable lighting technologies are shaping architectural lighting design.
Iain Ruxton/UK - The meaning of light – Part 2. A framework for light theory.
Rachael Nicholls/UK - Task lighting at the hospital bed.
Jesper Kongshaug/DK - The Blue Planet Aquarium. The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen.
Florence Lam/UK - Let’s talk “Sustainability” – which of the many interpretations holds true?
Alessandro Gobbetti/I - Lighting design in the world of vfx.

Keynote Speaker: Kai-Uwe Bergmann/USA
Dr. Renate Hammer/AUS - The valuation of interior daylight situations relating two single value indicators.
Ion Luh/CDN, Peggy Theodore/CDN and Steven Bondar/CDN - Light, colour and image arts – Ryerson Image Center.
Giovanni Traverso/I - The best things in life are free – the rest we can adapt accordingly.
Christian Klinge/DK - How to make a difference in China.
Tommy Govén/S - Visual and non-visual effects of different spectral power distributions.
Dr. Rune Nielsen/DK - Light Spots – interactive urban furniture.
James Benya/USA - Lighting credentialing and certification in North America.
Philip Rafael/RC and Chris Lowe/UK - The Dark Art.
Uthayan Thurairajah/CDN - Integrating non-visual optical radiation into lighting design.
Zeki Kadirbeyoglu/TY - Lighting design for the Zorlu Center project.
Andreas Danler/A - The evolution of daylight design and where we are heading.

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